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About Me

I’m a member of the United Houma Nation and a passionate supporter of indigenous issues who wants to raise awareness in mainstream American society. There is often a disconnect between the state of Native American and the larger U.S. population and I hope to help bridge the societal gap. This blog is meant to be educational and thought provoking. That is why I have links to my sources and additional material in posts.

Knowing Native was initially created as a final project for a graduate level journalism course which then went dormant for years. I’ve left those older pieces up because they are still pertinent and show how much my voice has evolved. I want this space to build dialogue between myself and readers where I can help others learn and learn from them.

My only request of readers is that you be respectful to yourself and others in your comments and inform me if I miss an important fact on a given topic.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my Pawpaw (grandfather) who taught me to be proud of myself and my heritage as well as generous.


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